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The State of Real Estate® | Indianapolis 2014 Videos


Intro & Keynote
- Opening of The State of Real Estate Indianapolis 2014 and Gerry Dick's interview with Mayor
Greg Ballard. View Video>>


Man on the Street - Check out what the "man on the street" knows about commercial real estate;
event housekeeping announcements.
View Video>>


Economic Outlook -
Jason Tolliver, Regional Vice President of Research, gives an overview of the economy in 2013 and what to watch for in 2014. View Video>>

Office Leasing & Capital Markets - Andrew Martin, Senior Vice President, Principal presents on the office leasing market; office investment video by Darrin Boyd, Managing Director, Principal. View Video>>


Industrial Leasing & Capital Markets - 
Michael Weishaar, Managing Director, Principal presents on the industrial leasing market; industrial investment video featuring Jeff Castell, Senior Managing Director, Principal. View Video>>


IN Business Climate -
Katie Culp, Senior Managing Director, Principal, and head of Cassidy Turley's Location Advisory & Incentives Services group, gives an overview of the Indiana business environment.
View Video>>

Multi-Family Investment Market - Scott Pollom, Senior Vice President, reports on the multi-family investment market in Indianapolis.  View Video>>


Retail Leasing & Capital Markets - Jacque Haynes, Senior Vice President, presents on retail leasing and capital markets; featuring videos by Bill French, Senior Managing Director, Principal.   View Video>>


Closing Remarks -
Jeff Henry, Regional Managing Principal, makes closing remarks.
View Video>>